What Types of Jewelry Can You Make With Chainmaille Technique?

When you think of chain maille, you might picture knights and medieval armor, but this ancient art form has evolved into a stunning way to create modern jewelry. Whether you’re a crafty soul looking to explore a new hobby or a seasoned artist wanting to expand your horizons, learning the chain maille technique opens up a world of possibilities in crafting exquisite pieces that are both elegant and intricate.

So, what kinds of treasures can you weave together with just rings and pliers? Let’s take a journey through the diverse styles of jewelry you can craft with the timeless chainmaille technique.

Branching Out with Bracelets

Bracelets are a fantastic starting point for those new to chainmaille. The process is straightforward, and the result is satisfyingly instant. Here are a few styles you can experiment with:

  • Classic Byzantine: A popular pattern where pairs of jump rings are linked together in a rope-like design, creating a sophisticated chain suitable for all genders.

  • European 4-in-1: A versatile weave that can be adapted to form a wide or narrow bracelet. It’s the same pattern used in traditional armor but miniaturized for jewelry.

  • Shaggy Loops: This playful and casual design looks as if it’s frolicking on your wrist, with loops dangling freely, creating movement and texture.

Elegant Earrings to Dazzle and Delight

If you’re into something that can dangle and dance with the light, chainmaille earrings are where it’s at. From small, delicate drops to awe-inspiring chandeliers, here are some earring designs that will have heads turning:

  • Chandelier Earrings: Combine intricacy with glamour by crafting multilayered earrings that catch the light with every turn.

  • Mobius Flower: A simple yet elegant weave where rings are looped into a flower pattern, perfect for a subtle, feminine touch.

  • Scale Earrings: By adding tiny scales to your maille, you can craft earrings that have a mermaid-esque vibe, shimmering and flipping with each movement.

Necklaces That Make a Statement

Chainmaille necklaces range from dainty and elegant to bold and dramatic. Here are some of the types you can create:

  • Collar Necklaces: Create pieces that sit snugly around the neck, often made with denser weaves for structure and impact.

  • Lariat Necklaces: These long, usually rope-style necklaces can be looped and styled in various ways, making them highly versatile.

  • Pendants: A simple chainmaille pattern, often a focal piece, dangles from a simpler chain to draw attention to its complexity or beauty.

Rings and Things

If you prefer making something small yet satisfying, chainmaille rings are a joy to put together. Their tiny size means they’re usually quicker to complete and can cater to a range of styles, from the understated to the ornate.

Diving into Chains: Necklaces, Straps, and More

The beauty of chainmaille doesn’t stop at standard jewelry items. Adventurous crafters can link rings into elaborate chains that serve as the backbones for various accessory types:

  • Body Chains: Add a touch of bohemian flair or edgy style with chains designed to drape across the body.

  • Shoulder Chains: A statement piece that drapes over the shoulders and adds drama to any outfit.

Chainmaille, Jump Rings, Kits and Supplies

Before we dive further into the art of chainmaille jewelry, let’s talk about what you’ll need to get started. At the heart of chainmaille are the jump rings – these are the small metal loops that you’ll weave into various patterns to create your jewelry. The size, metal type, and color of your jump rings can all drastically alter the look and feel of your finished piece.

To get started, you can order chainmaille supplies online, where you’ll find everything from individual jump rings to pliers and even complete kits that have all the essentials for a particular project or weave. It’s always a good idea to begin with a kit, as it helps to have all the proper tools and materials on hand when learning a new technique.

Creating Captivating Jewelry with Unique Materials

Aside from the conventional metal rings, innovative chain maille artists have been experimenting with a variety of materials:

  • Glow-in-the-dark or UV-reactive rings for pieces that light up the night.

  • Rubber rings interwoven with metal ones create a stretchy piece that doesn’t require a clasp.

  • Anodized aluminum rings come in a rainbow of colors to add a pop of vibrancy to your designs.

Adornments Beyond the Basics

Chainmaille can be embellished with additional elements to create even more intricate pieces:

  • Charms and beads can be attached to individual rings or dangled from a weave.

  • Swarovski crystals or semi-precious stones to add sparkle and allure to your work.

  • Small chains or other jewelry findings for hybrid designs that incorporate multiple techniques.

Workshop and Wear: Tips for Getting Started with Chainmaille

As you embark on your chain maille journey, here are a few tips that will come in handy:

  • Choose quality tools that are comfortable for long sessions of work.

  • Have patience, especially when starting. It takes practice to perfect the weaves.

  • Start with simple patterns before moving on to complex designs.

Jump Rings

The cornerstone of any chainmaille piece is the humble jump ring. A jump ring is simply a small loop of metal that can be opened and closed to link with other rings. The size, gauge, and material of the jump rings will largely dictate the look and feel of your finished piece. For high-quality and diverse options, crafters can find a wide selection of online jump rings for chainmail catering to all sorts of projects.

Chainmaille Jewelry Kits

When you’re ready to jump into your first project or want a convenient package that puts everything at your fingertips, chainmaille jewelry kits are the way to go. These kits come loaded with pre-counted rings, instructions, and sometimes even the tools required to create a specific piece. For those looking to start with a curated selection of everything needed for chainmaille crafting, here you can find a variety of kits that cater to both beginners and advanced creators alike.


Chainmaille is an art form with boundless potential. Whether you start with a simple bracelet or aspire to craft an intricate body chain, the techniques stay the same, even as your skills grow. All it takes are some jump rings and a pair of pliers to embark on a creative journey that can lead to stunning pieces of jewelry.

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